Harmful Wildlife in Lake McQueeney

Zebra Mussels


Zebra Mussels hatched eggs (veligers) have been found in Lake McQueeney. By later in the year they will be noticeable on pier posts and other structures in the water. We knew it was just a matter of time before they arrived since they were found in Canyon Lake last year. It is anticipated they will be a problem for sprinkler systems that get their water from the river/lake. This invasive species is all new to Texas Parks and Wildlife, GBRA, and FOLM. We, like you, have more questions than answers and don't know the extent of the problems they may create.

In Texas, it is unlawful to possess or transport zebra mussels, dead or alive. Boaters are required to drain all water from their boat and onboard receptacles before leaving or approaching a body of fresh water in order to prevent the transfer of zebra mussels that might be inside. Zebra mussel larvae are microscopic and both adults and larvae can survive for days in or on boats transported from a lake. The requirement to drain applies to all types and sizes of boats whether powered or not: personal watercraft, sailboats, kayaks/canoes or any other vessel used on public waters. In addition to the adults and juveniles found in the lake, plankton samples collected from Canyon Lake also found zebra mussel larvae at multiple sites, meaning the lake has a fully established infestation. TPWD is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as well as the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority to continue to assess the extent of the infestation on Canyon Lake. Boater awareness and education is very important when it comes to the issue of invasive species and TPWD will continue working with its partners across the state to spread the word to boaters.

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What you can’t see can damage your boat and harm Texas lakes. Zebra mussels are an invasive species that produce millions of microscopic larvae that can hide in your boat. Adults reach 1 ½ inches and attach to your boat’s motor, hull and to other hard surfaces. Zebra mussels can seriously hamper your boat’s performance and are devastating to our native plants, fish and wildlife. They also threaten our water supply. Watch this short video to learn how you save your boat and our lakes by preventing the spread of zebra mussels when you properly clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear.

Video on how to stop the spread of invasive species