Harmful Plants in Lake McQueeney

Hydrilla Alert


FOLM remains vigilant for this non-native for this non-native plant that many remember when in 1994 it almost completely covered our lake and we spent extensive amounts of money and manpower to treat and remove it. This was a great success considering all the red tape early founders of FOLM went through to convince Texas Parks and Wildlife, local bass clubs and the public that it must be controlled.

Thanks to their efforts, Parks and Wildlife are now willing to immediately control this plant and the earlier it is found the easier and cheaper it is to control.

We have added a close-up picture above showing in some detail what the plant looks like. If you find something you think is Hydrilla, look closely at the leaf for small serrations on the leaf edge as shown in the pictures. If you confirm it is Hydrilla or if you are not sure, please remove all you find and contact your Zone Board Member and we will immediately take steps to identify the plants you found. We are asking for all our members to be vigilant since over 400 sets of eyes should help us find and treat this noxious plant early.

We also want to advise you that other lakes have experienced "someone" planting Hydrilla by bringing buckets-full on pallets and lowering the pallets into the lake in secluded areas. This is illegal to transport or possess Hydrilla or other noxious aquatic weeds is a punishable offense. FOLM will not be afraid to prosecute.

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