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GBRA Announces Drawdown of All Lakes

August 15, 2019

As a result of the gate failures at Lake Dunlap and the engineering assessment of the failure, GBRA has announced their intention to drawdown Lake Gonzales, Meadow Lake, Lake Placid, and Lake McQueeney, starting September 16th. Each lake will be dewatered, starting with the furthest downstream and working their way up to Lake McQueeney. Completion is expected by the end of September. Removal of boats and other preparations should be completed by September 16th. Efforts by FOLM, the Lake McQueeney Preservation Committee, GBRA, and others are continuing work to find a permanent solution to bring Lake McQueeney back to normal.

See the GBRA announcement here:

More information and news specific to the lake issues:

FOLM Establishes Planning Committee

July 9, 2019 - From FOLM’s President:
The majority of the Friends of Lake McQueeney board has voted to incorporate the independent Lake McQueeney Preservation Association into a committee of FOLM. The committee will be the Lake McQueeney Preservation Committee and will initially consist of 8 individuals. The two main goals of this committee are:

1. Establish a plan to repair the dam quickly if failure occurs prior to implementation of a long range plan. This plan would include engineering and funding sources.

2. Establish a plan to rebuild/repair the dam for a useful life of 50 plus years. This plan will be obviously be more complex due to the amount of funds required, creation of a utility district, funding sources, engineering studies, legal issues, etc.

This committee will send correspondence to the FOLM Board on a periodic basis, and any request for expenditures would be sent to the FOLM Board for approval. This committee will strictly be an exploratory committee to look at options on how we should proceed. No binding resolutions will come out of this committee without board approval. The current members of the committee are myself, Mark Long, Paul Mueller, Todd Mueller, David Doughtie, John Ewald and Bob Worth. Steve Robinson of ABHR Law Firm in Houston has volunteered his time to assist the committee with legal advice on forming a utility district. A utility district would be needed to issue bonds and collect taxes. All of these individuals (excluding myself) bring a high level of expertise in their respected areas that are needed for a solution to our dam crisis.

The first meeting of the Guadalupe county task force established by County Judge Kyle Kutsher to solve the issues of the hydro lake infrastructure was held Tuesday at the GBRA annex building. In attendance were the two county commissioners whose district covers Lake Dunlap, Lake McQueeney, and Lake Placid, representatives from PLDA, FOLM - myself, Mark and Jamie Long, Lake Placid, and Meadow Lake, and the executive staff of GBRA.

GBRA’S general council started the meeting and spoke about several options for forming a utility district. It became very clear that GBRA and the county were looking to the lake associations to take the lead role in forming the districts, raising funds, completing engineering studies, and other associated projects concerning the hydro dams.

GBRA & GVEC will only cover the cost of maintenance, and operation of power plant & infrastructure, and operation of spill gates.

It was also discussed that each lake form its own taxing district due to the legal requirements of taxing districts. We would all benefit from each others ideas and political connections so I will be calling each association and proposing we start an informal Hydro Lakes Preservation Association. This association would communicate to each lake association committee about ongoing projects, and hopefully we can avoid doing duplicate work and reduce expenses.

We are hoping to have our next meeting of LMPC within a week and updates will be sent out as needed. Please call or email me with any questions.

GBRA Suspends Repairs to Lake McQueeney Dam Indefinitely

After the failure of the gate at the Lake Dunlap Dam and the previous failure of the Lake Wood gate, GBRA has determined that it is too dangerous to continue temporary repairs on the Lake McQueeney Dam. As a result, the water in the lake will continue at its current reduced level (approx. 18” below normal) indefinitely. Caution is advised while boating in current shallower conditions. Buoys have also been moved to increase the restricted zones upstream and downstream of the dam. Watercraft and recreationalists are prohibited from swimming, stopping, or anchoring within the restricted zone. At this point, efforts are being made politically and privately to come up with a solution to raise funds for a permanent repair of the dams. See the videos on the FOLM Facebook page from the our annual meeting on June 8, 2019, where GBRA, the County Judge, and our State Representative addressed the crowd about the current status and efforts to raise funding for major work to the dams:”

FOLM Facebook


Due to the failure of a gate at the Dunlap Dam, the draining of Lake Dunlap flushed debris and logs downstream into Lake McQueeney. FOLM has been busy working to remove logs and other debris to clean up the lake. But continue to use caution while boating as there may still be hidden hazards.

See the GBRA Presentation and FAQ’s at the June 5, 2019, Town Hall Meeting in New Braunfels addressing the Lake Dunlap Gate Failure:

GBRA Presentation     GBRA Q & A

See GBRA's presentation at the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court April 16, 2019 (before the gate failure on Dunlap),outlining the challenges of replacing the spill-gates at all six of GBRA Hydroelectric Dams. Watch Council Video

GBRA Facebook

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