Join Friends of Lake McQueeney

Anyone interested in maintaining and improving the quality of Lake McQueeney is encouraged to join FOLM (Friends of Lake McQueeney). Your membership is very important to underwrite projects and sustain our united and well-represented voice on matters concerning Lake McQueeney. Current projects include:

Debris Removal – A continuous activity to help keep the lake safe

Regular checks for weed infestations, and invasive species.

Making our voices heard at the State level on issues that affect the Guadalupe River Basin

During the construction phase of the new dam when the lake is lowered

Collaborating with arborists to issue tree preservation guidelines

We will provide information on how to protect your retaining wall.

Identify and remove dangerous stumps

Formed a committee to research dredging the lake

Collaborating with the Sheriff’s department on controlling access to the lake bed

Your finiancial and moral support is needed and appreciated. FOLM is a 501c3 organization, which means your contribution is tax deductible.

Click the link below to become a member of FOLM. We can accept your donation using a major credit/debit card. Minimum voting membership donation is $50. You may also use the link below to contribute to the Preserve Lake McQueeney Fund. Please designate your donation to the Preservation fund in the comment section of the form

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Make Checks Our to Friends of Lake McQueeney

send $50 or any additional contribution to:

PO Box 781
McQueeney, Texas 78123

Please include the following information:
First and Last Name and spouse's name
Mailing Address
City, State, & Zip
Email address
Telephone at home, office, and lake
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