Friends of Lake McQueeney

Working Together to Enhance Life on Our Lake

Friends of Lake McQueeney (FOLM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of Lake McQueeney, Texas, for the enjoyment of all those who live, work, and play on it's waters.

This site is primarily designed for our members to access information and news about FOLM and the Lake, contact board members, and find useful links to other sites that may be helpful.


"Agenda for May 17th WCID Meeting"

May 17th WCID Meeting

Lake News

Things are Happening That Affect the Lake

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Current News

Water Drawdown to Start March 27, 2023

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harmful plants
Harmful Plants

Read the Hydrilla alert and learn more about harmful plant life.

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lake wildlife
Harmful Wildlife

Read about the Zebra Mussel and other harmful wildlife.

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water safety
Lake Safety

Read about safety so your family and friends can enjoy the lake.

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flood preparedness
Flood Preparedness

Read how to be prepared for a flood and stay safe on the lake

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Lake Boating

Read about tips on how to safely boat on Lake McQueeney

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