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  Minutes of the Annual Meeting- June 11, 2016

President Gary Spence called the 2016 FOLM Annual Meeting to order on June 11, 2016, at 3:08 pm at Lake Breeze Ski Lodge. Directors in attendance included Buddy Alcede, Dennis Maples, Charlee Stringer, Norman Bering, Berny Croan, Al Bacon, Bob Spalten, Carlotta Coffman, Angela Twitero, Sadie Stanley, Karen McMillan, Jamie Long, Gary Spence, Wade Walker, and Mark Williams.

Gary had each board member introduce themselves, and also recognized Rick Thelen, FOLM's webmaster. Minutes from the June 13, 2015 Annual Meeting were approved as presented.

The Treasurer's Report was presented by Charlee. FOLM has a balance of $204,780 which is the first time the fund has exceeded $200,000 since the fight against hydrilla in the 1990's. Income was comprised of membership dues in the amount of $45,648, with expenses of $34,338, primarily for lake management and water quality, and lake clean up following high water events.

David Welsch with GBRA addressed members with a summary of the recent high water events and the effect on the hydro lakes and dams. The H5 dam in Gonzales experienced a gate collapse which resulted in the lake being drained. It's estimated that the cost to retrofit each gate will be $2,000,000. There was also an issue with the Meadow Lake dam gate during the heavy rains last month which resulted in high water on that lake. David reminded members that GBRA's primary source of income is from the sale of water, with very little revenue generated from the sale of electricity. The retention dams and their purpose were also reviewed.

There are three new game wardens in the area. Two of them, Brian Scott and Javier Solis, were able to attend the meeting and were introduced to members. They discussed water safety issues and reminded members to call if there is danger resulting from intoxication, recklessness, wrecks, or child endangerment. It’s possible they will not be able to address issues in time, and encouraged the use of photos or videos when possible. The July 4th boat parade, a non-FOLM sanctioned event, has gotten out of hand in recent years past. As a result, the County will pursue assault charges this year against violators. Game wardens and the Sheriff will be policing the lakes over the July 4th holiday weekend.

Lake McQueeney is checked by Johnson Lake Management eight months out of the year for water quality and invasive species. The lake remains clear of invasive species, with no signs of hydrilla - the reason Friends of Lake McQueeney was formed in 1994.

During the past year, with several high water events, much time and money was spent cleaning up the lake. The hydro lakes were lowered in January for clean up following the October 30, 2015 event, which allowed for the identification and removal of submerged objects. Gary encouraged members to be aware of flood preparedness guidelines for their location on the water. He reminded members to sign up for the emergency alert system. FOLM has a website and a Facebook page which are also sources of information for members.

Sadie Stanley reported that there are 377 FOLM members as of June 11, 2016, that generated $45,000 in dues. 60% of waterfront owners are members of FOLM; 20% of those members primarily reside in Houston; and 19% are primary residents in San Antonio.

Charlee Stringer was recognized for her 22 years of service and was presented with a picture of previous newsletters from her years of fundraising efforts during FOLM's inception and continued fight against hydrilla. Bob Spalten then presented Gary with a plaque and a hat as thanks for his ten years of service as President of FOLM.

Votes for zone representatives were taken, tallied, and reported. See current list here: FOLM Board

There was no further business or discussion, and the meeting adjourned at 4:07 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jamie Long



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